The Terrarium is your online retailer for terrariums in the UK, offering you the ability to customize your own terrarium or enjoy it straight out of the box. Our products are popular for use in not only homes, but commercial offices and even as wedding decoration. 

A terrarium can bring any room to life. No matter your style, we have a variety of designs that are sure to match your needs somewhere along the line. From small to medium to super size, our designs are endless. The majority of our terrariums have the ability to be placed on any flat surface you desire, with the option of hanging terrariums also available across our ranges online.

What is a Terrarium?
Think of a terrarium like it's an aquarium, only for plants and decorative stones, not fish! Whilst we provide a wide range of extras, the opportunity to add pretty much whatever you want to your terrarium is there. Let your imagination run wild. You can even get inspiration from our Customer Gallery. 
Quality Assured
All terrariums are made in the UK, combining history, design and the latest technology to provide you with an innovative brand of house plant. The Terrarium will help you see plants in a completely different way than ever before, playing a huge role in the heart of your interior. Our Terrariums find homes everywhere, whether it's a busy city office or a countryside summer house.